Harassment Awareness


Managers don't have a lot of time, but they do need quality harassment prevention training. 

Because managers are the first responders when employee behavior goes awry, you owe to them, to the employees and to the company to give them the best available training possible.

That's why PSSWorks! in partnership with HRToolkitsOnline, LLC has created a time-efficient, real-world harassment awareness and prevention training system.

 Each 30-minute module is power-packed with highly effective harassment awareness training, including sexual harassment prevention training that all managers must have to keep their employees and the company free of unwanted and unwelcome behavior.

PSSWorks’ Harassment Awareness –Manager’s Version enables your managers to learn at a pace that works for them with preventative information they can put to work immediately.

Here’s what’s inside:

WELCOME TO HARASSMENT AWARENESS.  This short 10 minutes session provides managers with a quick overview of harassment, including sexual harassment, and what they can expect to learn to prevent it in their company.

ALL ABOUT HARASSMENT.  When employees take on the role of a manager they rarely realize all of the responsibilities that come with the territory including being the front-line defender against harassment.  In this module, your managers will get an upfront view of what harassing behaviors they can expect from their employees and how they can take actions to prevent it from spreading out of control.

HANDLING A COMPLAINT.  As a first responder when employees’ behaviors are out of line, many times managers don’t know what to do.  This short video teaches your manager what actions they must take to keep a risky and sometimes volatile situation from spinning very quickly out of control.

IS IT A PROBLEM?  This 15-minute action packed module gives your managers a chance to test their abilities to identify and handle real-world harassment issues in a safe, risk-free environment.  The video is designed to allow them to pause the action and to make decisions on how to best manage it.  When they restart the video they can match their answer against the HR pros.  There’s no scoring in this session.

HARASSMENT AWARENESS QUIZ.  After completing the Harassment Awareness eLearning Program this 10-question multiple choice quiz tests their comprehension of harassing behaviors and the actions they must take to prevent harassment in the workplace.  

Carol  Westberry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Carol Westberry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Co-Founder & Consulting Partner


HR Professional

Carol Westberry is the Founder & Consulting Partner of PSSworks! and she is the Founder and Chief HR Passion Officer of HRToolkitsOnline.com™, your online, on-demand resource for HR templates, forms, eBooks and templates.

While Carol understands that not everybody loves HR, she knows that HR risk avoidance is necessary and essential for all businesses to survive. Her number one goal has been to provide her clients with straightforward, compliant, business-based solutions that are easy-to-implement and that will save them time and money.

Carol’s primary focus is Human Resources Compliance, and she has an impressive track record of defusing potential HR complaints before they turn into costly EEOC charges or lawsuits.

Carol and her team are experienced in achieving successful employee counseling outcomes, managing employee discharges, designing policies that work, and keeping management up-to-date with the ever-changing employment laws.

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